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Know where your business stands with the help of our IT assessment services

Businesses are legally obligated to protect customer data. A good way to do that is with IT security risk assessment reports, as they can help you determine the risks your business faces in regard to cybercrime and highlight the steps needed to minimize those risks. However, most organizations aren't aware of these risk assessments or the benefits of having them performed regularly.

At Parsec, we specialize in helping you secure your data. With our range of IT assessment services, you’ll always know how your business’s security stacks up and how to remedy any issues.

Our IT assessment services include:

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Vulnerability assessment

We’ll do a thorough sweep of your network to discover any vulnerabilities that exist at your endpoints, processes, technology, and network. With the information gathered, we'll provide a comprehensive report, providing you with details of all identified vulnerabilities, a risk assessment of each vulnerability, and a proposed recommendation to resolve them.

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Penetration testing

We’ll focus on key aspects of your IT environment, especially those that could be exploited. Our objective is to try to gain access to your network, just like a hacker would. We then write a report and build strategies to protect your network. This detailed assessment identifies vulnerabilities that an attacker might use to compromise the integrity of your systems and helps you understand and mitigate your organization's security risk.

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Cybersecurity audit

This is an evaluation of your organization's cybersecurity posture. A full assessment of your company's cybersecurity governance, policies, and procedures; incident response plans; technical control; and user awareness and training programs are included in the audit.

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Compliance assessments

Our compliance assessments can help you meet steep compliance demands without all the guesswork. All gaps in your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies are reported to you following any assessment. We'll then help you understand how to address the issues and develop solutions with specific recommendations tailored to your organization.

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Don’t Leave Your Business Defenseless — Let Parsec Shield Protect What Matters Most.

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Benefits of Parsec Shield:

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Make sure your business has all its ducks in a row. Reach out to us today to find the right IT assessment for your business.