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Partner with an internet service provider that delivers on their promises

Dealing with slow internet can be incredibly frustrating, but in a business setting, it’s simply unacceptable. The time your team spends waiting on slow internet can seem minor, but it actually adds up significantly over time. Research has shown that slow internet connections cost employers one week’s productivity per year per employee.

At Parsec, we’re the type of internet service provider that doesn’t tolerate slow internet. Your internet connectivity should never inhibit productivity; instead, it should be a tool that supports your employees' desire to work productively. This is why our fiber internet solution is the antidote to the common internet connectivity issues you are likely facing, as it is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions and other interferences that usually hamper data transmission via copper cabling.

Unreliable internet connections can have a significant impact on your business. Even the slightest amount of downtime can bring your communications and productivity to a complete standstill, which is why you need an internet service provider that can keep your connection resilient and stable at all times.

What's using all of your bandwidth?

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Email with large attachments:

These consume 6.8 Mbps of peak bandwidth on average.

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File sharing with cloud backups:

According to Gartner research, 12.2 Mbps of peak bandwidth is required per user for simple file sharing and cloud backups.

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Supporting cloud applications:

The amount of digital information being shared today has grown ninefold over the past five years; this includes information such as documents, photos, and even tweets.

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Video conferencing and streaming:

Video streaming uses a huge amount of bandwidth; on average, HD video streaming uses 6 Mbps of upstream bandwidth per user.

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Wireless WiFi connections:

If you supply a business Wi-Fi service to your employees or guests, higher bandwidth is required.

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Does this sound like you?

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If you answered yes, then Parsec Fiber is for you! It’s time to get connected and experience the elevated productivity that fiber internet provides.

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Stop putting up with slow internet

Let us connect your business today. Reach out to our team of experts to discover the best solution for your needs.