We can meet all your information security and compliance needs

At Parsec Computer Corporation, we know tools such as messaging, email and Web browsing add endless convenience to our lives. We also know that those functions are regularly threatened by spam, phishing and viruses. No business is immune to these risks and you need systems in place to avert catastrophes that could jeopardize your data and your business. Do you have a plan to protect yourself from the risk associated with lost productivity, data and the possibility of lawsuits or penalties if data is lost or made public?

Parsec creates customized plans to protect your business. We are experts at planning, implementing, auditing, monitoring, and managing your information security solutions. Information Security isn’t something you can set once and forget about: it requires constant updates, monitoring and upgrades.

Take a proactive stance for your business's safety with a custom-designed and complete information security solution from Parsec.

Security solutions from Parsec include:

  • Protection for your network and data - from viruses, hackers, spam, phishing and other attacks
  • Email protection and archiving - stop spam and viruses in their tracks and store, archive and search mails in seconds
  • Web filtering - stop your employees from accessing malicious or inappropriate Web content
  • Firewall management - prevent malicious traffic from damaging your server
  • Intruder protection - we’ll apply a virtual lock to your network
  • Vulnerability analysis - we’ll pinpoint and secure the parts of your network that aren’t protected
  • Managed antivirus - we setup, monitor, update and schedule antivirus software and virus scans on every machine we protect

Don’t let malicious third parties have a detrimental affect on everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Talk to us about our security solutions today.